"The Unbelievable Shock'N'Roll Therapy covering you in Rock !"

Come in ...


The Band

Far-West born, people say that the Watt's brotherhood first met in the uterus of a Calamity Jane's descendent.


Alternately Twisted Sisters wig mailman, Mick Jagger's personal legs shaving team, or former Queen’s main make up artists on the moustache and beard department, it's in the year of the Lord 2018 that James, John, Jack, Jesse and James agreed that Enough is Enough : with their respective financial situation going down and down as ‘Hair business’ was getting harder, in an epoque where Djs are multiplying like mosquitos in a swamp, they re-embraced their Strats from the burning coal of sir Mc Cartney's chimney and emptied their WD-40 cans on rusty amps to oil their obsession for riffs and deep love for overdrive.

Jack Watt The Watt House costume doré lunettes de soleil reflet Beatles Abbey Road

The Show

Heavily tungsten-doped and saturated with adrenaline, the Watt Family summons you to take a dose of her Shock’n'Roll Therapy.

Get your knees ready to jump straight in the middle of a high voltage seventies classic rock show !

Chi refocus guaranteed, serious and efficient work. From Jimi to Lemmy, there will be only one sentence to access the stairway to heaven (2nd Doors to the right) :

The outer of tune you sing, the louder we play ! Challenge accepted ?